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Book My Show

BookMyShow – An online movie and events ticketing brand. It’s headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It also has offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. This web site provide to the ticket sales for movies, plays, concerts and all events over the internet platform.

In other words, One platform that merge all movie-lovers are BookMyShow. Booking tickets has become as easy as ABC manners of this venture. However, changing into a successful journey wasn’t an overnight journey for them.

The corporate is currently India’s largest entertainment ticketing platform

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Check-Out some Details and Question/Answers about BookMyShow.



Ashish Hemrajani, Rajesh Balpande and Parikshit Dar

All three of them are friends from Sydenham Institute of Management (SIM), Mumbai University. In 2007 they officially created the BookMyShow website. In addition, the main purpose of this startup was to bring the concept of online movie ticketing to India.


Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Ashish Hemrajani is that the CEO of BookMyShow. Before he worked at J. Walter Thompson, an advertising firm.

Application Link?

Download : Android, IOS

Parent Company or Owner?

Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

The name BookMyShow was proposed by an software intern.


This Application initially launched to book movie tickets. But now provides tickets for any price and everything that needs to do with Entertainment like Movies, Plays, Sports, Events and Concerts etc. It also provides 24/7 customer service. In addition, this application permits customers to go through show timings, read reviews, watch trailers, and lots of more.


This app registered a 30% growth in operational revenue in FY 2018. As per reports, earned a revenue of 391 crores rupees in year 2018 as compared to 300.9 crores in FY 2017. Revenue by over 52% to cross over 619 crores for the year 2019, up from 406.09 crores in FY 2017-19. It now hovers around the $850 million mark.


Competitors include TicketNew, EventsNow, Explara, TicketGenie, Zoonga, MeraEvents, Asklaila, TicketCountes and BookMyEvent etc. However, it’s an early bird advantage over them.

Currently, facing stiff competition from Paytm which offers discounts and cashback. BookMyShow still holds a 78% market share within the online movie ticketing sector.


Some big achievements of the organization are:

  1. 15 Million+ tickets sold in a month
  2. 2 Billion+ page views each year
  3. 5 Cr+ app downloads
  4. Covers 650+ towns and cities
  5. Exclusive ticketing partner for Formula 1 race (F1 Race) in India
  6. Operating in 5 countries
  7. The Hottest Company of the Year 2011-12
  8. Best Omni-channel Customer Experience Brand


Till now BookMyShow has acquired 6 organizations:

  1. Ticket Green Chennai based online ticketing company
  2. Eventifier – Bangalore based Social Media Analytics firm
  3. Mastiticket – Hyderabad based ticketing firm
  4. Townscript – Pune based DIY events ticketing and registration platform
  5. Burrp – India’s oldest food tech business
  6. nFusion – Audio entertainment offering

Company Current Valuation?

The entertainment ticketing platform was in talks in June 2019 to boost $100 million.

Company Future Plans?

The corporate wants to feature a merchandising section on its website where fans can purchase tees, hoodies, and other apparels. The corporate goes to concentrate on the mobile segment as nearly 25% of the overall booking is finished through BookMyShow mobile app. 20% of the application users resort to wallets because the payment option.

Is BookMyShow Stream Free?

BookMyShow Stream will offer a pay per view process to shop for or rent titles, unlike a subscription based model which services like Netflix offer. The list of accessible movies right away on BookMyShow Stream includes recent blockbusters. Movies like Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ or Warner Brothers’ ‘Wonder Woman 1984’.

How can I Cast My Own Show on BookMyShow?

You’ll be able to click on the Cast icon on the movie details page or Stream Library and choose the Chromecast device to cast it on your TV. Currently Casting on Chromecast device is supported only on the BookMyShow android application.


There was a time when BookMyShow accustomed buy tickets in bulk. In addition, send thousands of people on bike to deliver the tickets to customers. However, the business model wasn’t scalable and therefore the company had to call it off.

Within the period of time, BookMyShow was mainly doing its business offline. It had 12 call centers in 12 cities with 150 employees and also the company was doing good despite the hurdles. The company’s capital partner repay its stake to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. Then in 2003, company faced the Dot Com crash. The business was running at an rock bottom. The investors retracted and BookMyShow had to shop for back its business from News Corp.

Internet facilities improved, and credit/debit cards became popular. The quantity of multiplexes proliferated. BookMyShow wanted to realize back its strong footing. It began selling software solutions, providing automated ticketing software to multiplex theatres. The corporate also started running call centers for its clients. BookMyShow moderately created profits and was worth 24.1 crores rupees in 2007.

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