Understanding and Fixing the 404 Not Found Error

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404 Error

A 404 not found error is an HTTP status code that appears when a website’s server cannot locate the requested page. When you click on a broken link or bookmark, you often get the message “404 Not Found.” This page explains the “404 not found” issue, why it occurs, and how to resolve it.

What Reasons for the 404 Page Not Found Error

The 404 not found error is one of the most prevalent Internet error codes. A client-side error happens when the web server cannot locate the page specified by the URL.

The most probable causes of a 404 error are:

  • URL misspelled
  • URL or site name alteration
  • Deleted or missing pages

Many website administrators create distinct error pages for the 404 not found error code. Thus the appearance may vary based on the website you’re seeking to access.

Error 404 Not Found

Avoiding the 404 not found notice is not limited to online users. The issue suggests that if you administer a website, people will access your page, read the error code, and leave after some time. Few visitors will return to the page. It may harm your SEO since Google’s algorithms may determine that your page does not correspond to what searchers seek.


A 404 error may be resolved in several ways, including:

Turn the page

Occasionally, a little mistake causes the 404 error page. Press F5 or click the refresh button in your web browser’s upper-left corner.

Check the URL

Check to determine whether the URL in the search field has any misspellings. This is a common source of 404 errors, and all it takes to rectify the issue is a fast check for typos.

Use Google

Utilize a well-known search engine such as Google or Bing to locate the page. In the address box, enter the home page of the website and the page name generating the 404 error. Press Enter, then. If the site administrator modified the URL of this page, it should appear here.

Explore the website

The same holds for moving up a directory level at a time until you arrive at a page that loads; from there, you can use a website search to find the page you’re looking for.

Site down

It is likely down if you cannot access any pages on the website. Utilize a service such as Is It Down Right Now to determine if the website is down. You might also check social media to see if anybody else is experiencing the same issue (if the website is popular or has its pages).

If the whole website is down and you are the only one affected, you may try the following:

Empty the cache of the browser

If you suspect this 404 error is unique to you, try emptying your browser’s cache (you can load it on another device, for example). Using this instruction, you will learn how to clear the cache from your browser.

Change DNS servers

Sometimes, the 404 issues may be resolved by altering your DNS server. However, if you get the 404 Not Found error for a whole website, it may have been restricted by your Internet service provider (ISP) or government censorship filters.

Notify the site administrator

Lastly, you may discuss the issue with the site’s administrator. Occasionally, when they update a website, they may overlook little errors that impact its functionality.

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