Top 6 Free Backup Tools For Windows PC

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Free Backup Tools

There are lot of free backup tools for windows and backup tools in linux are present. These tools are extremely useful when you have an important work that takes you days/hours to complete. Therefore, wouldn’t it be overwhelming if you lost your project data.

That is why we all should use pc backup software on our windows system so that we always have an available copy of our work files. While all the free backup tools for windows 11 are great, there are some best backup tools list than others. So this post shows the top tools for PC that you can use to secure you project data.

Cobian Backup

Tool Link: Cobian Backup

This freeware backup tool provides customized data encryption, fast data transfer and mainly unlimited backups. Cobian software is best option when you’re looking for a safe way to back up your files on many computers.

For corporate offices also registration, licenses are not required, it’s completely free. find below some key features,

– By compressing data saves disk space.

– We can take files backup from Windows Explorer.

– Can restore data which are delete or overwritten.

– Set time and date to schedule backups.

BackUp Maker

Tool Link: BackUp Maker

This Backup Maker tool creates a copy of any described folder without stirring source data. However, don’t need to anguish about lacking critical data changes while browsing through backup files.

This tool provides an unlimited number of backups. Even new users can able to handle its configuration options within no time. Find below some key features,

– Automatic backups.

– Folders and files added through the context menu.

– For easy use we can assign keywords to your backup tasks.

– Can backup local drive files or network shared files.

Ocster Backup Freeware

Tool Link: Ocster Backup Freeware

Ocster tool is another free sql backup tool with many features that won’t find in other similar softwares . However, it can copy data into different locations, like CD/DVDs, FTP server and Flash drive.

This tools store only modified or new files. Ocster tool grants to select between different encryption methods, including Blowfish and AES-256bit. Find below some key features,

– Full backup that can restore your entire system.

– Quite simple to use.

– Generate incremental or full backups.

– Can save to a backup drive or keep online.

FileFort Backup

Tool Link: FileFort Backup

This backup tool can use to assure your files from unexpected deletion or data loss. The software runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. Provides backup quickly and efficiently.

There are different backup profiles you can choose from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and many more. In addition, FileFort Backup offers scheduling capabilities and file encryption. Find below some key features,

– Backup files to any type of storage device.

– Backup to Amazon S3, Dropbox account and Google Drive.

– Backups done automatically or manually.

Comodo Backup

Tool Link: Comodo Backup

This tool backup your important files to a secure and safe offsite location. Comodo backup tool is a smart backup system which set to run backups automatically at scheduled times. In addition, it secures your data while unexpected shutdowns and power failures.

This backups done quickly over WAN or LAN networks. Find below some key features,

– Free version provides 20GB of storage space.

– Works on macOS, Windows and Linux.

– Backups done automatically or manually.

EaseUS Todo Backup

Tool Link: PC Backup Software Free Download

This EaseUS Todo backup tool provides backing up all your important files. In addition, it offers scheduling backup options and gives a wide range of file systems.

This transfers files to another computer, clone hard drives or make regular backups automatically. Files can recover from backups you create within seconds. Find below some key features,

– Use to customize backup plans like disk backup or PC backup.

– Clone partition/disk between SSD and HDD.

– Creates WinPE disk to USB for emergency recovery.

– Supports the latest Windows 11.

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